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Where is the best city to live in Ireland

Where is the best city to live in Ireland?
I live in Cork and its very boring but I still think its better than Dublin. What is the best place to live in Ireland?
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1 :
galway's supposed to be a laugh.
2 :
Galway. Not too big and not too small. During the summer it's great!
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4 :
I live in Co. Cork and sometimes go into the city but not often. Cork seems to have a lot going on from what I hear, always loads of bands playing at various venues in the city, sporting events etc not sure how you can say its boring? You should try living in a rural village with less than 900 people, no public transport, no cinema, no kids clubs and nothing to do. My kids are bored of the summer hols already and its only July. I want to visit Galway if ever we can afford to go away for a weekend.
5 :
Probably Besfast at present. Since the defeat and surrender of the terror group the IRA its been booming. House prices rose by 75% tourism jumped by 500% and its got a great feel to it. Its next to the mountains of Mourne by the sea, the Giants Causeway one of the wonders of the world and a short ferry to England Scotland and Wales. Dublin might be next but it is in a recession for the depression feeling hangs over it.
6 :
Dublin is the best place to live, i don't live there but spend a lot of time there. there is so much to do, fantastic restaurants and really unique and fun things to do if you look hard enough.
7 :
Belfast is a dump. And the IRA have neither surrendered nor been defeated. Tiocfaidh ar la!
8 :
i still think dublin is the best place to live with cork and galway 2nd and 3rd . i have lived in a few places around the country now , and am unfortunately living in wexford ( its not my fault , goddamn house prices) . but i would move back to dublin in a heartbeat . there is no where else in the country that has as much going on and as much tolerance for being a little weird as dublin .
9 :
Not Belfast. Maybe Cork. Probably Dublin.
10 :
Awwhh I live in west cork and I think its great. I love the city cause the shopping is unreal but maybe thats because I'm a girl. But its not where you are, its who your with!!
11 :
Limerick ( avoid 7 of 12 places AND ITS A HOOT )
12 :
Galway is the best place and house prices hav fallen so u could bag yrself a bargain
13 :
definitely Galway!!! the best atmosphere, relaxed people and amazing cultural life. plus,there are so many festivals going on here
14 :
i live in london great place but come from cork also
15 :
I had been living for four years in Dublin. First two years were great, so much to do but than I become to be bored and fed up with daily traffic, people always in a hurry, overcrowded pubs... I love Galway, it's small but you have everything what you need there, close to national park and ocean, always something happening. Cork is nice too but it's like a small version of Dublin, nice for weekends time to time. Limerick too dirty, Co. Tipperary is lovely so is Donegal, Kerry. Best place to live I would say is Kilkenny or Waterford, two beautiful and historic cities on this island.
16 :
there is no best place..its a kip..i live in dublin and want to get off this sinking rock....kip it is
17 :
Dublin - Just for the sheer size and variety the City has to offer, Cork & Galway are excellent cities but there is no where near the same variety in either city as there is in Dublin. Galway born but living in Dublin, i would and could live in Galway but prefer Dublin as there is such a wide variety of things to do.
18 :
Donegal....Tae, freindly locals and Daniel o Donnell...what more do ya want
19 :
ABROAD Source: 57 years of life experience in Ireland
20 :
Galway is the best place to live. It is a very cultural city with the narrow cobble stone streets, street entertainers, the archetecture etc make it an exciting place to be. There is always some festival on-Arts Festival, Galway Races, Powerboats, Volvo Ocean Race and Film Festivals. It is a small city but has everything that a bigger city has but just on a smaller scale. The night life is just brilliant and the pedestrianised streets add to the party atmosphere where you can hobble from one pub to the other. It hosts some good golf courses-with a new one-Cregmore Park Golf Club-getting some great reviews. Restaurants are also good such as Park House Hotel or the quaint restaurants down Quay Street with its on-street dining! I have lived in Dublin, Limerick and Cork for work purposes but nowhere can match Galway with its friendly people, beach front and the one of the longest promenades in Europe, its countryside and the stunning views of Connemara and of course The Galway Races where the whole county is in a party mood.
21 :
Easy one this, Wexford. Best - weather, scenery, culture, roads, schools, pubs, hospital, beaches, people. It's called the model county as it serves as a model for all others to aspire to.
22 :
I'm from Cork but currently live in Dublin. I reckon Dublin is by far the best because it has a huge amount of restaurants/late bars/pubs, etc. Plus there's the luas which can take one to a lot of places around the county..The more variety the better in my opinion. Though I enjoy the odd break in Cork, Galway, Killarney and Dingle but wouldn't live there!
23 :
First of all Belfast is not in Ireland its full of people who are ashamed to be irish and want to be british. Clonmels the best place to go to in Ireland home of bulmers has a brilliant night life in late bar okeeffes with the occional comedy show there.
24 :
I'm from Galway, so I' m very proud to read the comments here! Yes, it's a GREAT place to live. After Galway, Kilkenny would be my number 2.
25 :
The capital is the best place, there is no place like Dublin, it has it all plus I live here!!!
26 :
Donegal...without a doubt! The scenery is by far the most beautiful in Ireland,and we are only 10 mins from Derry which is great for shopping. Music sessions are always in full swing,and the people are friendly and always have the tae on.
27 :
I live in Galway & love it as it is not too big .... is more like a big town & has a great vibe about it...lots of festivals, street entertainment, great social life, theatre & arts..lots of lovely little cafes to just sit outside & relax... it is beside the sea also.... it also has a great university & colleges & most places are within walking distance. I live outside of town & it is lovely, great views, so green & is great for my son as safer here than where I used to live in London...The schools are also good & there is so much activities for the young & old to get involved in. The best thing is to visit for a few days & check it out...While you are here take a trip out to Connemara also as it is beautiful...Ashford Castle or Renvyle also nice for a day trip, bring a picnic & chill out after you have a walk around the grounds... also try the lovely fish & chips in McDonagh's on Quay Street, they are yummy ......The Arts Festival will be on soon, The Galway Races, Oyster Festival...there is even a new Halloween Festival & it is great fun ........ is always a great atmosphere in town, gets lots of tourists also & it is fairly safe..the weather has been fantastic here past few mths, so much sun & barely any rain so don't know what everyone is going on about .......
28 :
29 :
Waterford city co. Waterford or Kenmare Co. Kerry
30 :
i think dundalk in the louth and environ is very nice place to look up
31 :
I'd definitely say Galway. It's a lovely city and It has everything Dublin has got minus the Rat Race vibe. I've concidered moving up there myself
32 :
From Dublin myself and I would recommend anywhere on the West coast. Fav locations being Galway and Westport(Ok not a city but a dam nice place to live)
33 :
Dublin is a buzzing city with a great atmosphere... definitely Dublin. Kilkenny also has good atmosphere. Waterford for its history
34 :
Donegal without a doubt
35 :
Roysh, like Dublin like. It has all the best clubs, bars like and most of the big gigs/concerts take place in Dublin. It has better shops, theatre's and restaurants. Dublin has more variety than Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny and Belfast. And its more multi-cultured than the other cities mentioned above. Galway is way too small to be a city and horrible in winter, Cork well can't understand a word they're saying "boy" and Limerick is one way ticket lol So the other cities like full of total knobs like. Coming from Dublin, I lived in Galway for a time and never again. I wouldn't live anywhere else outside of Dublin except for New York, Munich or Berlin ;) and besides outside of Dublin is littered with slack jawed yokels! Them there slack jawed yokel come up to Dublin and dey turk er jurbs, durkur duur.
36 :
G-G-G-Galway :-)
37 :
Well, I think a lot of places in Ireland are great! I liked it very much in Galway, and Dublin city can be nice too. :) So many places to go! Mayo was lovely, there was a lot of nice activities to do there. Kerry - Tralee is wonderful! :D I live in Kilkenny, and although I like all the places I've been to, I do like it here most. :) The Mediaeval theme and old buildings. Plus Kilkenny castle, I love going there, the gardens and the grounds are very nice to spend time in. But then you have the modern side which is the shopping centers. ^_^ ~ So places I really like would be, Kilkenny, Galway, Dublin,Mayo and Kerry. :)
38 :
39 :
Dublin! There is a lot of different places to visit and its a modern city. I've been to other places in ireland which were nice too though .
40 :
I'll go with Galway. I've spent many a time in Dublin and although there's a lot going on. It becomes dull as everything is expensive and you can't go to everything that's on. Galway has loads of events on, isn't as costly, and everyone is so friendly.
41 :
i live in drogheda and it is a nice town visit the battle of the boyne
42 :
was in Dublin for a few years, great spot but almost too big. Lived in Cork for four years and miss it terribly - definitely one of the best cities in the country.
43 :
its the people that make the place. i loved dublin for 14 years, the craic was mightly, people friendly, very much into the alternative/punk scene there, and there was a kind of magic going on. then the superpub invasion began, punks and goths dwindled and along with it color and imagination, junkies wander temple bar like ghosts, there is a smell of urine and puke at every bin, and people look through you now... moved to cork, great city but too many students, whom when departed for the summer leaves the place like a ghosttown. great pubs for over 23s nothing for younger kids, no decent playgrounds, and cork people are far too much in love with 'CAARK' than they should be. i know cork is a laff and a town full of pissheads and good hearts but its lazy, half arsed and no decent bus service..also the cork opera house has shut for the summer, people are just not cultured enough there i love these cities to visit, i left both of them after a time and still fond of them via some great memories. im by the sea now in a little coastal town east..and its the BUSINESS!! thats just me :) ps no offence to cork people ( i am from cork myself ) i guess sometimes the pride of being from a place can bug me-and it didnt seem so extreme when i lived in dublin from dublin people :)
44 :
Waterford - prob cheapest too!
45 :
Im from dublin and its horrible, The girls are stuck up and nobody trust anybody. Horrible place to live. Ive lived in Galway aswell, and i dont know what it is but people in general are healthier and much much better looking. Genetically the people of galway are beautiful. I cant figure it out. People seem happier, tourists go there alot. There is natural beauty in the seaside and the countryside. Its just great. Cork is better than dublin as long as you dont let anyone know your from dublin you are ok. Although it is a big city, the scum are not as bad as dublin and in general I found people easy going and friendly, nice architecture
46 :
Definitely Galway best place ever ever ever i love going there and one day i hope to live there!
47 :
I live in cork and think it's great and this question got the most answers on the ireland section that i ever seen.
48 :
i think ballybunion is the best place in ireland
49 :
Killcock town is by far the best place to live for feminists and lesbians.for lads the Muff town is probably the best to settle in but it's kinda wet there most of the time. no pun intended.
50 :
The sunny southeast is hard to beat but the vote goes to Donegal. Wonderful part of the world and the nicest people to boot.

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